The Dentist. Simply the dentist.

We are a group of dental and management professionals operating a Dental Clinic by the name of "The Dentist".

As the name suggests its a simple straight forward dental practice. The clinic is located Near Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, adjacent to Shivalik City Gate no. 9, Sector 126, Greater Mohali. The Dentist has Neighboring areas like Shivalik City, KSB, SBP-2, SBP-3, Acme Heights, Raman Encalve, Shimla Apartments, Swaraj Enclave, Motiyaz Royal to name a few.

The aim of setting up a dental clinic in this locality is to provide easy and neighborhood access to Quality Dental Services to the resident population of surrounding area.

The availability of quality dental treatment adjacent to

your residence shall be a boon.

In today's fast moving metro life no body has enough time to take care of health. Moreover the teeth are the last ones to be taken care of or unless its hurting.

It is easy and convenient to have a dental checkup or repeated appointments for lengthy treatments and one doesn't need to plan a special trip or take a leave for the same .


The neighborhood clinic comes as a boon for cute little patients (the kids) as it doesn't affect the parents schedule or kids school.

So we are "The Dentist" aka "Dentist near me"...



Routine Checkups


Yes! 6 monthly checkups are mandatory as you will come to notice any dental problem only when its too late and there has been a lot of damage to the tooth. So stick to the six monthly checkups. As compared to the pain and cost of treatment later, the routine checkup can be sometime just one tenth of that cost and it takes merely 15 -20 minutes 

Dental Fillings


Noticed that Black Spot. Your tongue can sense that hole where food often stucks. Get it treated with Dental Filling before it extends for a more complex and costly treatment. A cavity which is ignored will sooner require a more elaborate procedure like Root canal Treatment. In worst cases extraction also. We offer All kind of Dental Filling. Of course the best ones are tooth colored. 

Emergency Dentistry


A broken tooth. An avulsed tooth. or any other injury. Feel free to contact us through mobile or whatsapp for proper guidance and treatment.



Metallic support directly placed in your jaw bone. The new replacement teeth sits on this support. Looks and Feels exactly like the natural teeth. Also helps in reducing the Bone loss.

Dental Hygiene


Gum problems are the root cause of a number of other medical and dental issues. Get rid of plaque and tartar to enjoy fresh breath and healthy smiles. With state of the art Ultrasonic Scalers even the toughest stains are taken care of.

Dentures & Veneers


Well what is lost is lost. But there is always a replacement. Enjoy the life like teeth experience with the dentures. Good on functionality and beautiful in esthetics. Be young once again...

Teeth Whitening


White. the color is synonymous with teeth. So to regain the pearly white smile visit us for a bleach

Root Canal Treatment


Grossly Carious tooth can be saved. Yes ! Root Canal Treatment can save a tooth with deep cavities. The Roots of such tooth are cleaned and filled with inert material. The crown is restored and you are good to go!

Crowns & Bridges


Complete Restoration of entire crown. Natural tooth like color and hardness. Bridges restores the missing teeth by getting support from adjacent teeth


Years of Experience 


Smiling  Clients






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Dr. Deepak Dhiman
Dr. Deepak Dhiman
Dr. Swati Marwaha


"My decayed tooth was hurting a lot, got RCT done in just two visits. What a relief"

Shivani Sharma

"Clean and nice setup, easy and simple explanation of the disease and treatment. Good Clinic, worth visiting"

"Nice and quick service, I must say the dentists are really patient with kids"

Priyanka Baidwan

Uma Tegta



Our Address

The Dentist

1st Floor, Shop No. 6, Shivalik City Gate No. 9

Near Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, Sec 126

Greater Mohali

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 6 PM –  8 PM

Sunday & Emergency   By appointment (we are just a call away)